Wicked Ridge Invader G3 

Invader G3 is the safest, lightest, narrowest, and fastest Wicked Ridge Invader model to date. The body is lightweight enough, but also durable and its great design may be a plus for someone who cares about looks. It also comes with a dry fire prevention safety so you don’t accidentally shoot it when not loaded.

Wicked Ridge Invader G3


The built of Invader G3 really good. This comes with a camouflage pattern with a scope. The scope is also pretty stable. As expected this product stands upto the mark of user expectations.
 The Invader G3 is quite durable and lightweight. It has won many awards as well like it is the Winner of the Outdoor Life Great Buy and Petersen’s Hunting Best Value awards. This is one of the most prestigious awards for any of the crossbow to earn.


The Invader G3 is an awesome piece of equipment not only for beginners but also the avid hunter. Noise dampers will not make the bow quieter. It will help you with after-shot vibration noise reduction. However, at 30 yards, the deer will be hit before it has time to reflexively respond to the noise. This is very fast to be honest. The package includes 3 bolts, 3 field tips and a scope. The bow and stock both comes assembled, you just have to bolt the parts together.

Pros and Cons of the product

Limited Lifetime operational warranty...except for the bow limbs and scope which have a 5 year warranty, and the strings and cables which are not covered. For add'l info you can call their Customer Service @ 330-628-9245 

Pros: It is easy to sight in, to cook, and then fire. I have shot it out to about 50 yds and it is scary accurate. I shoot 125 gr muzzy trocar broadheads. Machine quality that is on par with the best in the market. Accurate, comfortable, and reliable. Ideal for beginners

Cons: The scope sometimes get fogged up in the rain. The cover on the ACU-52 broke. However, I emailed 10 points about it and they immediately mailed me a new cover no questions asked. The customer service is really nice and helpful

It's nice that it comes with a mountable quiver but it's not very practical in the woods so I didn't mount it. I have a hip quiver that you could also strap around your shoulder if you want, much much more practical for any type of woods you may be tromping through. I was a bit disappointed after I purchased it to find out I could have purchased it for a significant amount cheaper from Opticsplanet. But all in all the unit itself and the multi-line scope (no adjustment needed) are spot on. But after many shots I realised that the problem was with my aiming and i started to get 100% accurate shots, this crossbow is really stable.


Other features that users like include the lightweight, low-profile design, and the crank attachment that allows for easy installation of a crank cocking device. Adding together the good quality, the low price, the ergonomic design and its durability, there isn’t much more a hunter or a target shooter could ask for within this budget. In my opinion, this is the best crossbow for beginners and I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for something to start with.

I settled on the Invader G3 as a result of its extraordinary notoriety TenPoint has just as I loved the entirety of the highlights of this bow. I likewise needed to begin with a passage level crossbow. Very precise and with everything taken into account a great crossbow, yet there are two or three things I don't care for. The greatest is the plastic covers that spread the withdrawing instrument are loud when attempting to recover the snares and handles set up. The 1/2 trigger gatekeeper gets on dress and additionally rucksack when utilizing a sling. What's more, the splendid fluorescent orange in the stretch and link truly stand out in contrast to everything else. In the event that they fix these minor issues they would have an extremely incredible crossbow.

330 Feet-Per-Second

165 LB. Draw Weight

97 FP Kinetic Energy

6.6 LB. Bow Weight

19" Axle-to-Axle (cocked)

13.5" Power Stroke

37.75" Long

The verdict

This is a pretty darn good crossbow for $475. It is well made, works as advertised and is accurate. The scope needs light tapping between adjustments to get movement complete for crosshairs. Best part is you can shoot it offhand as the balance is good. It does not shoot as hard as some crossbows, but for whitetail, elk, mule deer, and hogs it has plenty of power. I am using it as delivered and it meets all of my needs. The trigger is very good and it shoots consistent and accurately.

According to many of the Amazon reviews this product is liked by almost all of the buyers and it has a high rating of more than 4.5 stars

Very nice crossbow and well made, shoots good and I’m sure we’re going to become good friends. The service was five star with fast shipping and everything in order, I recommend this seller for these qualities. I would like to recommend it to everyone as this is a really nice crossbow.