TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow Packages

This was the first ever crossbow that I have owned. I have shot another once but really i have no knowledge to make any comparisons. That being said, I do really like this bow. It was simple to assemble and is easy to use. The scope only needed minor adjustment from the factory setting which is always nice. It's not heavy, seems to pack a punch, and most importantly it's accurate. Haven't had it long so I haven't hunted with it yet, just target shooting so far. I'm using the TenPoint pro elite arrows which I also like. I need practice but that brings me to one more good thing - it’s really fun.

This comes in 2 varieties namely:

  1. W/ Acudraw 50 & 3x Pro-view 2 Scope
  2. W/ ACUdraw & 3x Pro-View 2 Scope

Entry Level Crossbow

Both of the variants just different by the ACUdraw model type number.  Because of its price tag, the TenPoint Titan SS is generally regarded as an entry level crossbow. However, it comes with an array of features that you are likely to find with high-end hunting models. Features that make this a reliable hunter include the draw weight, arrow velocity, lightweight, and compact size.

Like other high-value models, the TenPoint Titan SS is durable, very lightweight, and highly accurate. It has a compact design that allows  free movement in restricted areas. The TenPoint Titan SS differs from other models in that it produces a high speed of 340 feet per second with a draw weight of 175 LBS.

The crossbow has a retractable underarm counter-balance system and it allows for the integration and support of a crank cocking device.


Drawbacks that this crossbow share with other products is the cheap and flimsy accessories like the detachable quiver. Another problem is that there is no mechanism to make cocking it a bit easier.

Personal Experience

This is my first bow of any kind, but from my personal experience I have with it so far I absolutely love it. Assembly was really easy and it comes with the scope already mounted with minimal adjustment needed to zero in. It's not heavy and seems to pack a punch. Haven't hunted with it yet, only target shooting, but to be honest i’m really happy with TenPoint Titan SS so far.  

This Crossbow is wicked fast very as compared to other crossbows I have used. You may want to use a wider broadhead as it travels so fast it will penetrate a deer through and through. 


It is clear that there is a lot to love about the TenPoint Titan SS package. Its design features are geared towards accuracy and speed. This crossbow has a rifle-like design and it looks really cool, a 100-yard illuminated scope, and built-in cocking mechanism and sling mounts.


The axle-to-axle measurement is six inches at full draw, making it the most compact crossbow on this list. It is also fitted with an anti-dry fire to prevent injury when you are carrying it around.

There are drawbacks, however, despite the incredible value that this crossbow has to offer. The TenPoint Titan SS has limited noise and vibration control, which can be an issue in specific hunting settings. The crossbow also has a high price tag and, as a result, may not be a viable option for a beginner.


  • High maximum arrow speed
  • It performs better than many other models in terms of accuracy
  • Features Barnett’s 5-in-1 safety firing system
  • Includes an adjustable scope
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • Quality of accessories can be improved
  • No cocking mechanism
  • If you need a high arrow speed and accuracy at a reasonable price, the TenPoint Titan SS is for you.

Kinetic Energy

Along with all draw weight and the speed, you also have consider kinetic energy, which is one of the metrics that is commonly used to measure a crossbow’s power. Kinetic energy is not always an accurate unit of measurement; however, as it depends on the arrow’s weight and the distance it traveled from the crossbow. For the TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow the Kinetic Energy is adorable.


  • ALL THE SPECS: LENGTH (w/stirrup)-35", WIDTH AXLE-TO-AXLE (uncorked/cocked)-21.5"/18.5", POWER STROKE-12.5", WEIGHT IN LBS. (wo/accessories)-6.7, DRAW WEIGHT IN LBS.-175
  •  INTEGRATED INTO THE BUTT STOCK, ACUdraw 50, MAKES FOR EASY COCKING and ropes RETRACT NEATLY inside the unit’s housing after cocking


In the end I'd just like to recommend the TenPoint Titan SS to my friends and family as it is really affordable and it has a great quality of material that is being used in its manufacturing. It is present in 2 variants of scopes and is a really nice choice for beginners as well as professionals to go for the purchase of a brand new crossbow and it should definitely be TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow Package.