What is the Best Crossbow you can Buy on a budget?

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

Finding a good hunting weapon can be a challenge due to the abundance of products sold in sports stores or in a local gun shop. One good alternative for getting a good weapon is buying the best crossbow for the money, which can be hard if one does not know which one they should purchase. Here is one example of a crossbow that can work for intermediate and experts alike that is cheap, affordable, and is reliable when used for taking down that big game. These are the reasons why the Barnett Jackal is the best crossbow for the money.


  • The Barnett Jackal has some features that make it stand out against the competition, these examples include:
  • The Barnett Jackal has a sleek tactical design which those who have used rifles of similar design could find familiar while hunting. The parts are also detachable, with the quiver, bolt, and sights being able to be upgraded on a later time.
  • The crossbow itself can shoot arrows at the speeds of 315 feet per second, which may be a disadvantage but that can be made up as it is a weapon for expert users who are more accustomed with a crossbow that is effective in taking down targets more quickly.
  • It is an extremely light crossbow, weighting at around 150 pounds when drawn, being able to shoot the arrow and hit a target effectively when it is combined with the cable system and the synthetic string meant to have a firm grip.
  • The crossbow also has notable features that more expensive weapons have, being able to attract expert hunters.


  • The Barnett Jackal is a crossbow that is not meant for beginners but can find use in expert's hands easily due the features it has as a weapon best for saving money:
  • The maintenance is like any other crossbow, keep it clean and waxed in order for it to be at its most effective.
  • The weight of the crossbow is meant for experts and thus it is not an issue for them to cock back the 150 pounds of string pressure manually.The rope is also meant to be simple in cocking as well, with muscle power being used to draw it back.
  • The price of the crossbow is cheap compared to others of its design.


  • The crossbow has some advantages to appealing with expert hunters which include the following
  • Anti-vibration foot stirrup gives experts the advantage of cocking the crossbow without problems
  • The anti-vibration system also helps make the crossbow more accurate.
  • It has a high definition trigger mechanism meant for effective firing of an arrow.
  • It also contains the option of a mounting platform for more accurate targeting.


The crossbow also has some disadvantages against it which include:

  • The manual effort to cock it requires physical strength, which is why it is meant for experts.
  • Firing the arrow creates sharp noise, which could alert the target.
  • The Barnett Jackal's arrows have no broadheads, you have to buy the separately.