Best crossbow for beginners

Best crossbow for beginners

The popularity of crossbow hunting has increased in recent years. This growing popularity has led to an increase in both the number of crossbows available and the resources for the hunters in the market. Even seasoned hunters may find it difficult to examine all the different options and technologies available on today's bows. Let's simplify the method of choosing the best crossbow for beginners.

Know the basics

If you are new to crossbows, take the time to understand the basic resources available in bows, as well as the terminology of crossbows. This will help you a lot when you are trying to buy a bow. Here is a summary of the bow's basic features and terminology.

Two crossbows that look the same size can have a weight difference of 2 to 4 pounds. The size and weight of your crossbow are important and can vary significantly between bows.

Pull weight

A crossbow's pull weight indicates the amount of effort required to lift the bow. Pull weights are measured in pounds. The greater the pull weight, the more difficult it will be to pull the crossbow's rope. In general, the greater the crossbow's firing weight, the more power a particular bow has.


There are two popular categories of crossbow styles in current crossbow models. The first is known as the curved bow and the second is a composite bow. There are pros and cons to each type of style that are too many to name here. For now, remember that you will have to decide which type of style that is right for you when choosing your bow.

Arrow speed

Different crossbows shoot arrows at different speeds. The speed of a crossbow is expressed in feet per second. In general, larger and more powerful bows will have a higher speed. Speed is important for hunters, as faster bows give the animal less time to react to the sound of the bow.

Consider your game

Different bows are best suited for various types of prey. Faster animals require more crossbow speed. For larger animals, the weight and strength of the bow are more important. You need to make sure that you have enough weight to penetrate your prey. Choose your crossbow with the prey you will hunt in mind. If you are hunting bears or moose, do not go hunting with a 150 pound crossbow; it won't be enough to get the job done.

Crossbow Brands

As for the Crossbow itself, there are several good quality brands available today.

  • Rabbit crossbow: weighs 150 pounds. Speed 220 or higher.
  • Antelope, deer kitten - weighs between 150 and 175 pounds. Speed of 220 or more.
  • Moose, Caribou, Great Bear Escape - weighs 175 pounds or more. Speed of 220 or more.

The Barnett crossbow is popular for its elegant and progressive designs. One of its popular models, the Bonecrusher, is rated at 129 feet / lbs and a frame rate of 365 fps. Laminar limbs and AVI technology reduce noise and stress during use. For starters, the Excalibur crossbow is one of the popular brands, as it is light, produces excellent speed and includes other accessories such as mounting rings and clamps, in addition to aluminum arrows and an arrow box.

In my experience, these companies offer buyers quality equipment at reasonable prices, which equals great value. Of course, these are not necessarily the cheapest crossbow makers, however, they are among the highest quality and best values available.