Choosing Your Personal Best Crossbow

Choose your best crossbow

When one decides to enter the world of crossbow shooting and hunting it is easy to become overwhelmed when selecting the best crossbow that you want. First you will find that the prices wildly vary from as little as 50 dollars to upwards of a grand or more. Also you will find that crossbows have many different features to select from like ones that are lightweight or heavy, crossbows that come with a scope or not and so on. Thankfully with some knowledge of crossbow features and functionality you can review your different options and select the one that works best for you.

Different opinions

I know that when we talk to other hunters, it is very rare to be a hunter with the same taste or game. Just show up at your local cafe while hunting. You would swear that manufacturers paid for their marketing skills. A good example of this is: I have a very good friend who produced two of the best-selling composite bows. One of them created outdoor living for the most popular supplier of the year. That said, he prefers to fire a long horn. He preached in his seminars the differences between the passage and the minimum penetration of an arrow, which he at least prefers, so that the arrow can dig up vitals every time the animal takes a step. The difference between us is that I prefer my arrow with a large entrance and an exit hole with the arrow buried 10 "in the ground on the other side. So, being great friends, we have two completely different opinions.

Some logical advice on choosing the best crossbow

What I can do is give you logical advice to help you choose the best crossbow. This is directed to the nearest supplier and tightened a few screws. Try all the makes and models it has to offer. Believe me, you will fall in love with them all. I am trying to point out some of the positive things that some crossbow have to meet your needs. I try to inform you of the needs that you think will work well when you hunt. I will point out those that look good, but can hinder you the most. You have to ask yourself, what do you want to spend? Some of the beasts are very expensive, while others are less expensive. Whatever you choose, I don't think there is a bad beast today.

The Arrows

After buying the best crossbow you have chosen, another common question is, "Which arrow should I use?" The crossbow's arrows are generally called bolts. The screw used for the crossbow usually depends on the model and manufacture of the crossbow. Another thing you should consider is the knockout. There are usually two styles; one flat strike to be used with Horton and Barnett's crossbows, while the other is a growing strike used with Excalibur & Ten Point Crossroads. Another thing that you need to consider is the length of the screw. They range from 16 "to 22". The screws must match the crossbow you are buying. Do not take this lightly or you could be seriously injured.