Best Crossbow for The Money in 2020

The hunting equipment holds equal importance to the hunter as the sports kit holds to an athlete. Hunting has globally been a favorite activity for many years. Several innovations have been done in improving the methods of hunting.

Shotguns and rifles are one of the most commonly used yet old methods of hunting. Now imagine hunting with well-designed equipment that not only adds accuracy to your hunt but also captures the moment with a camera? This is what exactly a crossbow does.

Straight to the best crossbow

Hunting Experience

The viable hunting experience comes from the best crossbows in 2020 that have high precision and new features. However, it can be a bit daunting to find such crossbows since the market is saturated with so many.

To help you in this regard, we will list the best crossbow  for the money in this article for you and more. So, let’s dive into the details below.

Table of Contents

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  1. RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit
  2. Leader Accessories Compound Bow
  3. Bear Archery Brave Bow Set
  4. Barnett Jackal
  5. Bear Archery
  6. Tenpoint's- Titan 
  7. Centerpoint's Tormentor Whisper
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)
  9. Best Crossbow For The Money: Comparison Chart
  10. Best Alternatives

Best Crossbow For Money: Product Reviews

1) RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit


  • High quality for this price range
  • Draw length is adjustable
  • Strong suppressor and stabilizer
  • Pre-installed peep and loop sight

Fit for both a beginner and professional, the Raptor compound hunting bow kit has all that you need for a fine hunting experience in this price range. This bow is ranked as one of the best crossbows due to its value for money.

The bow is designed with high-quality material, which makes it suitable for any hunter. One of the main concerns when buying a crossbow is whether it will be suitable for young adults and women. With this bow, you don’t need to worry about this as it greatly fits everyone due to its flexibility. Having a maximum speed of 315 feet per second, the accuracy of the bow ensures that your shot lands right on target. This is a plus for beginners who have a weak command over their shots in the beginning. The bow is not only well suited for bow hunting but can also be used to practice archery and targets along with bow fishing.


  • Versatile can be used for more than just hunting
  • Great for both beginners and experts
  • Solid built and high-quality design
  • High accuracy


  • Can only be used by right-handed people
  • Cable guard can get loose sometimes, as reported

2) Leader Accessories Compound Bow


  • Aluminium riser
  • Maximum speed covered by the arrow is 310 feet per second
  • Can be used for both bow fishing and hunting
  • 70-80 percent of let off Leader accessories compound bow is a great choice not only for hunting purposes but also for archery.

The build of the bow is quite well, which can be felt with the first shot you make with it. For beginners,this feature is a clear benefit as the good built makes it easier to land the shots on point.You can choose the color and camo combination you like among the different choices offered.

The length and weight can be adjusted as it suits the users so that they can have an enjoyable hunting experience without any struggling with unadjusted length or weight. It is the best crossbow under 500 dollars and is a desirable option for those who are starting fresh with hunting.


  • Weight and length can be adjusted according to your need
  • Makes hunting easier with smooth draw circles
  • Non-stretchable string with good resistance


  • Not highly recommended for beginners
  • Tightening of string needs to be done regularly

3) Bear Archery Brave Bow Set


  • Includes two safety glass arrows
  • Arm Guards to prevent any injury
  • The strings do not split

The draw weight of 15 to 25 lbs. along with draw length of 13.5 inches Hunting has been a good source of entertainment for both young people and adults since the beginning. Keeping the modernization in mind, the bear archery brave bow set is the best crossbow under 500 to teach the art of hunting to children. The bow has been designed in a manner that it can be used efficiently to train the children in hunting.

For this price range, the bow has outclassed all the other bows due to its fine build quality. Having lightweight of 2 lbs. only, it can be carried out by children comfortably. Being only designed for introducing archery to children, the bow contains no pre-drilled holes for installing a bow fishing reel.


  • Contains a number of accessories
  • Durable
  • Great for young people learning archery
  • Contains a whisker biscuit which makes it unique


  • The length of the draw is nonadjustable
  • Best suited for only young children and not adults

4) Barnett Jackal Crossbow

Key Features

  • Barnett bows come with a velocity of 315 Frames per second
  • High Energy level
  • Sleek military style
  • Comes with 3 arrows
  • Synthetic string for a firm grip
  • The trigger pull is smooth, weighing 3.5 pounds
  • Quick detach quiver, bolts and premium red dot sight
  • Draw weight is 150 pound
  • Comes with readers manual and proper steps of instructions
  • Shooting at 315 fps (Feet per second)
  • Maximum stability without adding any extra weight
  • Cable system ensures the hitting target

Characteristics of Barnett Jackal Crossbow

Investing in a good bow, and deciding upon a product is indeed a difficult task. A lot of research and exploration is required to find a good bow. Barnett has introduced a bow, which goes by the name Barnett Jackal Crossbow. Finding a bow which fulfills the demands and also matches the personality is difficult to find.

The Barnett Jackal Crossbow can be an excellent weapon for a hunter. It may come as a surprise for a lot of hunters as the features of this bow are unique and different. Barnett crossbows always come as a treat for hunters due to the range they have created. Barnett knows how to satisfy the needs of the hunters, and they come up with the product accordingly.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow is adjustable and sturdy. Having features of a high priced bow, Barnett is offering value for money. Below are some key Features of the Barnett Jackal bow.


To keep a bow useful, it is necessary to clean and maintain the arrows and the other parts. Barnett Jackal Crossbow requires the waxing of string to avoid the pressure.


Barnett Jackal bows come with three arrows. The arrow speed and velocity is 315 feet per second. The speed of Barnett Jackal Crossbow is pretty intense, which gives an edge to the hunter as he can use the bow as per his preference. Due to weight and frame per second velocity, the hunting energy is sufficient for every type of game.


Barnett Jackal Crossbow is not for beginners; therefore, the 150 pounds is not an issue. Simple cocking rope can be accessed as well, as the draw weight builds the muscle power.

Value for Money

The price of a Barnett Jackal bow is exceptionally affordable. With expensive and intense features, the price is minimum. The price of the bow makes it more popular as it is perfect for regular hunters and shooters.

Quad Limb Structure

Barnett Jackal Crossbow has a quad limb structure, which is a required demand of professional hunters, as it gives quite a professional look. Overshoot distances can be easily achieved with the energy wheels, which do not need a lot of pressure.


  • Anti-Vibration foot stirrup
  • Weaver rail
  • Quad Limbs
  • A high definition trigger mechanism
  • Anti-Vibration Isolation system
  • Mounting platform


  • A lot of effort is required for pulling
  • Arrow release causes sharp noise
  • Low-quality retainer
  • Broadheads are missing

5) Bear Archery Crossbow

Key Features

  • Bear Archery Crossbow comes with a Speed of 375 Frame per second
  • Specially designed to provide superior balance
  • AR-style customization which increases the efficiency
  • More comfortable to tune and eradicates cam lean
  • Power Stroke of 17.5
  • Cock Sled and Rail Lube
  • Provides optimal balance on every hit
  • Forward-facing limbs
  • Stress distribution mechanism-PowerV Riser
  • Bear Archery crossbow is designed to set when cocked automatically
  • The draw weight of 135 pounds-perfect for the professional hunters
  • Standard A2 grip with a mounted Bear hand for grip
  • Hanging hook-Gaff Step stirrup

Characteristics of Bear Archery

To give an ultimate shooting experience to the hunters, Bear X has launched Bear Archery bow. Well-balanced and fast Bear Archery Crossbow provides competition to the other bows in the market. AR-style customization is the additional feature for the Bear Archery bow.

For hunting a perfect grip and customized fit is required, this crossbow comes with AR-style buttstock, which can be easily customized. Bear Archery Cross is a bit different from the other crossbows as it comes with forward-facing limbs. It’s color increases the uniqueness and attractiveness of the bow. The sand color increases the intensity of the bow.

This bow comes with additional whistles and bells, which makes it more competitive. It is quite easy to assemble as everything comes with perfect packaging. A complete package is given, which includes all the mount screws as well. FISIX instruction manual is also provided, which helps the hunter with all the required guidelines.

The perfect investment for professional hunters as all the demands are fulfilled in this Bear Archery bow. Let’s discuss some key features of Bear Archery crossbow.

Process of Assembling

Forward face limbs bow are a bit difficult to handle if you are a beginner. The method of Assembling is quite simple for the professionals as it has a resemblance to the traditional model. Bear Archery crossbow’s setting and the mounting mechanism is not challenging, and it gets ready in less than 10 minutes.

Design and Safety

Bear Archery crossbow has a safe design, and it comes with excellent quality. This bow is considered to be 3 times more sheltered and has the most natural trigger. The cocking mechanism is quite reliable, and works wonder every time.

Adjustable Trigger system

Bear Archery crossbow comes with 3XS safety for the trigger. The safety standards are set automatically before the cocking. The flexible trigger system comes handy with the professional hunters. Cocking mechanism

Having a draw weight of 135 pounds, Bear Archery crossbow is one of the most happening bows. The pullback and the cocking mechanism is exceptionally smooth. Cocking sled is included in the package, which makes the whole mechanism safe and comfortable.


  • Perfect for Heavy hunting
  • Cocking sled comes with the package
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Nine position reticle
  • 3XS trigger
  • Noise reduction mechanism
  • Stress distribution
  • Pistol grip
  • Anti-dry fire lever


  • A bit expensive as compared to other models
  • Heavyweight
  • Crisp Break

6) Tenpoint’s- Titan Crossbow

Key Features

  • Self-retracting rope
  • Tenpoint-Titan's bow comes with an Intense speed up to 340 Frames per second
  • Fusion S Stock, adjustable comb height
  • Width is axle to axle
  • Tenpoint-Titan crossbow has a draw weight of 175 pounds
  • Speed of 320 Frames per second with Pro-lite bolts
  • 3.5 pounds power touch trigger
  • Illuminated scope
  • Self-retracting rope
  • Detach quiver
  • Tenpoint-Titan's bow has a power stroke of 12.5″
  • Firm fore grip to maintain the balance

Characteristics of Tenpoint’s-Titan Crossbow

Tenpoint has come with an extremely professional and intense crossbow for the hunters. It can be considered as a treat for hunters. This bow is perfect for the far fewer movements or tree stand hunting. Tenpoint-Titan bow comes with a complete package, which includes: 3 arrows, pro-elite carbon arrow, and 3x PRO-view 2 scope.

Whether the hunter is professional or a beginner, the adjustable comb height and the two-position butt plate is required in a bow. Fusion S stock is also included in the Tenpoint-Titan crossbow. One of the most amazing features of this bow is the adjustable stock, which helps the shooter to stock to the target.

The adjustable stocks also help in adjusting the size and height according to the hunter’s height, and it also helps in making adjustments in different weather conditions. Effective killing is an essential trait of Tenpoint-Titan crossbow as it kills beyond the distance of 50 yards, as they have a bolt speed of 320 frames per second.

Tenpoint has been favorite of all hunters, as the quality of Tenpoint’s crossbow has always been promising. With the bow of Tenpoint’s, you will get fantastic quality and excessive speed. Let’s dig into some key features of the Tenpoint-Titan crossbow.


The quality of materials used in Tenpoint-Titan crossbow is always good. The crossbows by Tenpoint are considered to be of competent design. This cbow is light in weight, which is extremely good for professional hunters. The durability of the Tenpoint-Titan crossbow ensures long term work. The width of the uncocked version is 18.5 and 21.5 of the cocked version. The overall design is incredibly sleek and professional.


Tenpoint-Titan crossbow comes with the complete package, and it is quite easy to assemble. The speed of the bow is 340 frames per second, and it is considered to be one of the lightest versions of Tenpoint’s crossbows.


An anti-dry fire mechanism reduces danger. Tenpoint-Titan crossbow comes with a firing mechanism which makes the bow extremely safe to use. The wing design also guards the overall arrangement of the bow.


Tenpoint-Titan's bow comes with warranty products, which can be considered as a plus for professional hunters as it ensures durability.


  • Light in weight
  • Designed with compact capacity
  • Foregrips are given to balance the weight
  • Due to the illuminated scope, the bow has a better accuracy
  • Fusion S stock improves handling
  • 3X illuminated scope enhances accuracy
  • ACU draw helps in cocking mechanism


  • Tenpoint-Titan's bow does not come with a cocking device
  • No shooting arrows are given
  • The package does not include crossbow case

7) Centerpoint’s Tormentor Whisper Crossbow

Key Features

  • Centerpoint’s Tormentor Whisper Crossbow comes with a speed of 370-380 frames per second
  • 3 Carbon arrows and rope cocker
  • Sling and quiver for the grip
  • The power stroke of 13.5″
  • Weather camo synthetic
  • Reliable performance with superior design
  • Fiberglass Quad Limbs
  • Width: 14 axle to axle
  • 4x32mm crossbow scope
  • Cocking mechanism for safety
  • Silencing system
  • Centerpoint’s Tormentor whisper's bow comes with an Aluminum riser

Characteristics of Tormentor Whisper

Centerpoint’s Tormentor Whisper Crossbow comes with great speed and features that, too, with affordable rates. The bow comes with a complete package that includes adjustable tactical stock and forearm. The power stroke of 13.5″ can be extremely fulfilling for professional hunters.

The speed of Centerpoint’s Tormentor Whisper Crossbow can go up to 370 Frames per second. It’s a complete package that also includes 3 carbon arrows and a rope cocker. What makes it special is the combination of rope cocker and carbon arrows along with sling and quiver can make the shoot experience pleasurable.

The front of the Centerpoint’s Tormentor Whisper crossbow can be heavy, but with the excessive speed, it does not feel heavy while shooting. Just like the name, it can be considered a silent killer. Apart from that, the vibrating feeling after every shot is one of the unique features of this bow. When it comes to professional hunters, this bow is recommended because of its silent-feature that doesn’t allow prey to detect the coming arrow.

As compared to the other models, the Centerpoint’s Tormentor Whisper crossbow is made for the blind hunting or tree stand style. It does not require much effort, and it also does not strain the hands. The safety mechanism is designed as per the demands of the professional hunters, which includes the anti-dry fire trigger. If you are looking for a silenced bow, read further about the other features of Centerpoint- Tormentor Whisper crossbow.


Centerpoint- Tormentor Whisper Crossbow gives value to money. Compared to other products in the markets, it is inexpensive, but the features of this bow are true of the excellent build. High-grade materials are used to ensure the durability of the product. The aluminum riser is used in giving the crossbow mass. The construction of the bow gives an unmatchable experience on the ground and in the woods.

Silencing effect

Whisper crossbow comes with the ability of the silencing mechanism. There are two limb stoppers and silences that can reduce the noise during shooting. Using this bow, a hunter can easily achieve the target as it does not let the prey know about the shoot.


The effective and efficient design of this bow gives a competitive edge to hunters. Centerpoint-Tormentor whisper crossbow has an excessive speed of 380 frames per second. The width is 14 axle to axle. It is perfect for professional hunters who prefer blind hunting or tree stand hunting style.


  • The intense speed of 380 Frames per second
  • Noise reduction mechanism
  • Adjustable stock and forearm
  • Compact and sleek design


  • Heavyweight
  • Not suitable for low-level hunting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Below are the answers to some FAQS:

1. What should be the draw weight of an ideal crossbow?

The ideal draw weight of a bow should vary between 75 to 200 pounds. However, it also depends upon the level of the hunter. Each level, i.e., Beginner, middle, and extreme, prefers different draw weights. Also, the hunting style is observed before giving preference to the draw weight. A good crossbow must have an excessive speed, which should complement the draw weight of the bow.

2. What should be the minimum speed of an ideal crossbow?

The speed of a bow is associated with the level of the hunter. Each hunter has its ideal speed. However, a good arrow should have a velocity of at least 300 frames per second. Professional hunters prefer killing the prey in one shot, which is achievable with 300 frames per second.

3. What should be the power stroke of an ideal crossbow?

The power stroke varies from model to model. In the majority of the crossbows, the power strokes lie between 10″-14″. More the power stroke, the more the speed and a powerful shot. Hunters like to set their power stroke as per their preference, as each hunter has its style.

4. What kind of Limbs should be preferred while buying a crossbow?

The most important thing related to limbs should be observed in the material. In the majority of the crossbows their limbs are made of fiberglass or carbon. In some of the crossbows, the limbs are made of the combination of Fiberglass and carbon. Both of the materials are lightweight and ensures durability. The limbs made out of wood or aluminum are relatively cheaper, and they are not durable.

5. What should be the price of a good quality bow?

Price is an essential factor in buying any product. However, price is not the only factor. There are a lot of other factors as well. Crossbows are ranging from 120$ to 1000$ or more. But, one cannot judge the quality and features with just the price.

If you are buying a crossbow for the very first time, you should set a budget of 300$. The best thing to do is, make a check-list, and list all the critical features that you think are important and buy according to your check-list. Just make sure that you are aware of the right materials.

Best Crossbow For The Money: Comparison Chart

ProductsDraw weightDraw lengthBow weightSpeedPrice
1. RAPTOR Compound
Hunting Bow Kit
30-70 lbs.24.5-31 inches3.6 lbs.315 ft per second$249
2. Leader Accessories
Compound Bow
30-55 lbs.19-29 inches3.3 lbs.296 ft per second$148.99
3. Bear Archery Brave Bow
15 to 25 lbs.13.5 inches3.15 lbs.Not specified$78.28
4. Wicked Ridge Invader
165 lbs.37.75 inches6.6 lbs.330 ft per second$475
5. Barnett Jackal
Crossbow Package
150 lbs.20 inches7.7 lbs.315 ft per second$349.99
6. Bear Archery Fisix FFL
Crossbow Package
135 lbs.36.75 inches9.9 lbs.375 ft per second$859
7. TenPoint Titan SS
Crossbow Packages
175 lbs.35 inches
(with stirrup)
6.7 lbs.340 ft per second$799.99
8. CenterPoint Tormentor
Whisper AXCTW185CK
185 lbs.13.75 inches7.9 lbs.380 ft per second$219.18

Best Alternatives

1. Wicked Ridge Invader G3

Wicked Ridge is the best crossbow you can find under 500 dollars due to its high accuracy and good quality built.

2. Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

Although this bow is a bit loud, the Barnett Jackal crossbow is a good choice for someone who is using crossbows for the first time.

3. Bear Archery Fisix FFL Crossbow Package
Being a bit expensive, this is not your ordinary bow. The accuracy and smooth draws justify the high price of this bow.

4. TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow Packages

The TenPoint Titan SS bow has been made out of good quality material and is preferable for those who are looking for affordable options.

5. CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper AXCTW185CK

Another budget-friendly option, this bow continues to have the highest speed giving it dominance over regular crossbows.


By now you must have decided which crossbow you are going to buy. If you are a professional hunter, this article might be beneficial for you. We have provided with the list of best crossbows that will surely give value to your money and also give you a pleasurable experience.

Each model mentioned above offers different features and excellent quality materials. Finding a perfect bow is indeed a difficult task. This article will surely help you in making the right decision. Only a real hunter knows the right type for his hunting style.