Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

(Quiver, 3 - 20-Inch Arrows and Premium Red Dot Sight)

Barnett Jackal is one of the most in-demand crossbows on the market with a unique stock design that no other crossbow offers. The weight and power of this bow make this crossbow a devastating weapon for any hunter. The Jackal delivers the power and features of a "high priced" bow at a price that makes this crossbow an excellent value for everyone. 

Apart from this, only 150 lb draw weight will result in an accurate shot of velocity up to 315 feet per second (FPS). This might seem slower than the rest of the bows available in the market, but do consider the fact that it only requires 150lbs of draw weight compared to other cross secures your hold on the bow, reducing the chances of accidental firing. It also keeps your fingers out of harm’s way by ensuring that they are nowhere near the path of the string as you draw on it to release an arrow.

The trigger system offers about 3.5lbs of resistance, being firm enough to ensure that you do not pull on it by mistake, but also allowing for a sufficiently smooth experience to give you efficient performance every time. Most importantly, it features a dry-fire inhibitor, a tool that is standard for most models and that will ensure your safety and that of your weapon for as long as it is in use.



315 feet per second

Draw weight

150 pounds


95 foot-pounds

Power stroke

12 inches

Arrow length

 20 inches


35.5 x 26.5 inches (LxW)


7.7 pounds

Pros and Cons of the product


Assembling the crossbow is very easy, Yes you will have to assemble it when you order it online from Amazon.

Coming to the pros of the crossbow, this bow comes with an AVI foot stirrup. The ADF MIM trigger mechanism is very responsive and didn’t get stuck even once when practicing shooting arrows. The Camouflage skin also comes in handy when hunting deers, as it allows the user to blend in the surroundings and take a stable long-range shot. The Quad limbs and 3.5-pound trigger pull came in handy when practicing in the woods for improved accuracy.

Even a beginner will be able to use it as the draw weight is 150lbs only. Therefore the user doesn’t have much to worry about getting bruises if the arrow is pulled with an incorrect method.


The overall crossbow felt a little on the heavier side. Although it is only 7.7 lbs in weight which is somewhere the average weight of a crossbow, it could have been somewhat lighter in weight. 

The build of the crossbow also doesn’t seem to be that strong and durable, even though the crossbow’s design makes it handy to use. But I would prefer a sturdier crossbow frame which is also handy to use. The Axle to Axle length should be made extendible if required, a higher distance between axles would allow for an accurate and powerful shot. The same goes for the body length too, which should have been extendible by at least 3-4 inches.

The arrows and the scope that comes with the package is of average quality and not recommended to use, it makes sense as the primary product is the crossbow and since many people prefer to use their own arrows, the ones provided in the package allows you to test the crossbow.

Other specs

AVI foot stirrup

High-definition camouflage

High energy wheels

AVI bolt retainer

Quad limbs

Synthetic cable system

ADF MIM trigger mechanism

3.5-pound trigger pull

Picatinny/Weaver rail

What others have to say

After reading the verified reviews on Amazon, this product seems overall nice as it has 4.2 rating out of 5 which also includes cases when the product was delivered late or the product received was broken, which is a rare case.

The product has over 500 verified purchases with 5-star ratings, along with multiple questions about the product answered by the buyers themselves, which says that the product is quite popular, either because of it’s pricing or due to the fact that this might be a beginner’s crossbow and that people are buying this to first practice taking a few shots.

 This is a great bow. Finally, I can practice in my backyard. I'm working on correcting my trigger anticipation which is damaging my accuracy with my firearms. So far I've been using this to improve and it's going well. It's got a 3.5lb trigger, and all my firearms I have set to 4.5lbs. It's not very loud, and I've never had a problem with neighbors. So I can shoot this in my back yard instead of going to the gun range where I'm going to drop over $20 each visit. Now when I go out to shoot my firearms my accuracy has improved greatly.

Using this, it is very accurate right out of the box. It took me only 3 shots to sight it in. It is very powerful, and I believe a properly placed shot is going to kill any game you're hunting. I've just been using it for fun and practice in my back yard, and it buries the arrows deep into the target. You will need to purchase a Parker Bows RED HOT EZ Roller to pull it back straight without scratching your rail.

 This was my first crossbow. After preparing for hunting season with a friend who had planned to use a bow he bought it from me and I upgraded to a unit that cost twice as much. If I had it to do again I would have told him to just buy one of these on Amazon and kept mine. The red dot isn't military-grade but it never lost center and I shot about 150-200 bolts as well as taking it on a couple of hunting trips in the back seat of my truck. I did make sure to lubricate the cams and the string every 4-5 shots and I didn't notice any wear on the string. This was an excellent buy.


Apart from being a bit loud and not including a rope cocking device, both of which are problems that can be addressed easily, this bow is made for someone who is not used to using crossbows or haven’t used one in a long time. 

This crossbow will allow you to get an idea of using crossbows and you can go practicing in the woods at actual crossbow targets. Although you can take it for hunting, it won’t give you the much-needed accuracy, stability, and power that you will need when your target runs away in a flick of a second.

Highly recommended to only first time buyers.